Decker + Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development - Partnership

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March 15, 2022 by
Decker + Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development - Partnership
Decker Sports, Josh Pollack

Decker Sports USA (“Decker”) and Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development (“DSCD”), have entered into a partnership agreement with the mutual goal of creating a better experience, both on and off the field, for the female softball athlete. Both Decker and DSCD believe every athlete deserves personal, one-on-one instruction and constructive feedback all while looking and feeling good. Look good, feel good, play well!  That is why Decker has partnered with DSCD to assist the youth athlete in their athletic journey through the sport of softball. Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development also offers a wide range of instructional exposure through its national and international camps, clinics, and development programs designed to educate and expose young athletes to various college experiences, situations, and coaches in a controlled environment.   

This year, all Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development events will be powered and supported by Decker. “We are excited to partner with Lee and the staff at DSCD.  Our goal is to help provide the players with training and game day apparel that looks and feels good, thereby empowering them to play their best. Decker’s partnership with DSCD will provide a great combination of value and service to both players and coaches of DSCD,” said Joshua Pollack, VP of Sales at Decker. 

“Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development is excited about our new developmental partnership with Decker Sports. Decker has been a great name in the softball world for many years. I believe with the further development of their line of great products and brand in softball; big things are on the horizon. We are pleased to feature Decker Products at our many camps, clinics, and events moving forward. DSCD and Decker will be an awesome combination offering high level events and products to the up-and-coming prospect student-athletes, coaches, and teams!” - Lee Dobbins, Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development 

About Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development:

Dobbins Softball Consulting & Development is a national and international camps, clinics, development, and instructional organization designed to educate young athletes in the sport of softball while also helping expose them to various college experiences, situations, and coaches in a controlled atmosphere. DSCD holds a high standard of instructional and exposure excellence in their events providing the best one-on-one/hands-on experience with our events shying away from the standard “cattle call clinics” keeping their events small and capped number wise for the good of both the athlete and staff in attendance.

About Decker Sports USA:

Decker Sports USA, based in Omaha, NE, was founded in 1994 from a game of catch between two brothers in their parent’s backyard using a small, toy baseball.  The brothers realized it was much more difficult to catch, throw and hit a small ball as compared to a regular sized baseball.  With this concept of training, Decker Sports USA was born.  After successfully selling to Major League Baseball as well as high schools and colleges across the globe, Decker set out to create a one-of-a-kind experience for all the diamond sports athletes through customization, convenience, and value in its pursuit of inspiring the human in the athlete.

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